In recent years, giving our children a sound footing for their learning has become harder and harder.  With so many lost days due to remote learning (such as it was, for many) more and more parents and carers are looking outside the school system for support.

learn-1468406_1920-minWhen looking for support outside the school system it can be very daunting.  Mallory Moon is designed to make that an easier process by giving you clear information to help you either support your child alongside classroom learning, or see what options you have for external support, or even undertaking homeschooling yourself.  That can be a big undertaking if you have never done it before so it really is something you need to fully understand before you take the plunge.

slider-01Mallory Moon is packed with information to help you no matter what route you take to support your child.  A lot of the information is based on supporting educational environments in the UK and the US, but even if you’re looking for advice outside of these regions, we should be able to give you some tips ad help you investigate, and navigate, the challenges in your Country.  Many of the challenges are the same the world over, especially between years 4-7, as losing time getting on top of the basics of reading, writing, letter forming , fine motor skills and word bonds will hold a child back as the topics get harder.

So, feel free to browse around our site and see how we can help you get the upper-hand in your child’s learning.  We have loads of fire resources and we add to the site frequently so ensure you sign up for updates to be kept informed of new guides as they are added.